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Viskom is the largest selection of packaging materials in Kiev and Ukraine around the clock online. Different types of packaging are used daily in various areas of human life, because our online store offers a diverse range of packaging products – for all occasions. On the website of the online packaging store “Viskom” there are many types of various products for packaging, storage and transportation of items of almost all possible dimensions and types. In addition, you can buy craft tape, a pneumatic envelope, airbags and mats from us, as well as many other products inexpensively wholesale and retail, in cash or by bank transfer, with delivery in Kiev, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa, Poltava, Lviv , Chernihiv, Sumy, Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa and other regional centers and cities of local importance of Ukraine.

The advantages of ordering and buying packaging online on the Internet are obvious:

  • The choice of tools and packaging options is huge: on the Internet you can buy air filler, craft tape or shredder for every taste and at the best price. After all, the offer is not limited to the assortment of one or two stores, and you can choose exactly the goods in Kiev or Odessa that you need. In the online store "Viskom" you can buy your favorite packaging cheaply wholesale and retail in Kiev, Poltava and any other cities of Ukraine.
  • Buying packaging materials on the Internet is a guarantee of acquiring excellent things of the best quality, which you can choose from dozens of possible offers anywhere in Ukraine, without paying attention to the fact that there is simply no such product in stores in your city.
  • The best offer for value for money. The cost of any type of air filler, adhesive tape, etc., as a rule, is lower than in a regular store. After all, we do not need to specially rent a room for a store, equip it with showcases and hire a large staff to serve the online packaging store. The price of packaging in Kiev and Odessa wholesale and retail in the online store "Viscom" will pleasantly surprise you, and the offer and system of discounts for regular customers will please especially. In our online store you can quickly buy bubble wrap for packaging or protective profiles and corners, as well as packaging accessories cheaply and at a discount.
  • Convenience of the choice of packaging. Each product of the Viskom online store is accompanied by a unique photo of the product from different angles, as well as detailed product characteristics. The client can easily choose their own suitable material, color and size of the package, or apply for a free consultation to one of our managers.

The online packaging store “Viskom” offers customers all kinds of materials for protective packaging needed in everyday life and work.

Buy craft tape at a low price

With us you can buy wholesale and retail eco-Kraft adhesive tape by winding from 200 meters in length and a convenient width of 60 mm. Water-activated adhesive tape is presented on the window in the most popular and frequently used sizes, but if you want to buy eco-craft adhesive tape cheaply in Kiev, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities of other sizes, the online store “Viscom” can make custom adhesive tape for you any sizes. In addition, the assortment of our store offers options for adhesive tape with a pattern. We can offer you craft tape with a logo, phone numbers, contact details of the organization and any other information wholesale and retail on pre-order. It is enough to call one of our managers by phone, and your adhesive tape with a logo or pattern will be made and delivered as soon as possible.

Buy air filler packaging at a low price

The range of air bubble films for the convenience of customers is presented in various sizes. It is worth noting that we took into account the wishes of customers and offer to buy cheap bubble wrap in Kiev and Kharkov with a density of 20 and 26 microns. Therefore, you can easily buy cheap airbags and mats wholesale and retail, both translucent and dense, which will hide any object from prying eyes. All presented film is delivered only by honest winding, the online store “Viskom” values ​​its reputation and values ​​every client who purchases wholesale air film or air mats at retail in Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Nikolaev and Kherson and other cities of Ukraine, therefore Pay particular attention to winding and size.

Buy profiles and corners cheap

Online store “Viscom” also offers corners and protective profiles in stock. We have a selection of profiles available for the most popular sizes of blue polyethylene, which can be purchased wholesale and retail to customers in Kiev, Odessa, Lutsk and other cities of Ukraine in cash and bank transfer upon receipt of the goods.

Wholesale price for Dunnage Bag

The attention of our wholesale and retail customers is presented with a large selection of air shells of various sizes. If you need a pneumatic shell of a specific size, we will manufacture and deliver them to you quickly and efficiently in Kiev, Lutsk, Lviv and any other city in Ukraine. Buying an inexpensive air bag for securing goods wholesale and retail is very simple, using the services of the online store “Viskom”. Convenient site functionality and competent managers will help you make your choice in the shortest possible time.

Moisture dryers are one of our leading categories. For more than 15 years, the Viskom online store has been selling wholesale and retail silica gels and moisture dehumidifiers wholesale and retail in various cities of Ukraine. Such protection is used for various purposes, both on an industrial scale and at home. You need 10 pieces or 1000 pieces of desiccant bags – please! You can easily order from us a desiccant of moisture (silica gel) of a cheaply interesting characteristic with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine. Item will be delivered as soon as possible.

Buy bubble wrap

Air bubble film, or runway, will delight its diversity and quality of each of our customers. Such a bubble film supplied in rolls can be purchased in a specific meter for any customer needs. You can buy inexpensively wholesale and retail air bubble films of various sizes in Kiev, Lutsk and other Ukrainian cities.

Cheap and quality packaging

The administration of the online store “Viskom” carefully monitors the reputation of the project, therefore, each client is accompanied with special care. Only professional managers and consultants will always help you make the right choice, tell about each item of the product, select the necessary set of protective packaging materials. All consultations are free and, like the purchase, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week online. We value your opinion of us and always strive to become even better. Therefore, each of our customers and visitors to the site can always express their opinion on the service provided by leaving a review on the site or by calling one of our managers. You can also share your impressions about us on social networks. Leave your comments on Facebook and LinkedIn, tell your friends about us. Let’s create a community of connoisseurs of quality protective packaging together! Online store “Viskom” – trust your purchases only to professionals.