Recycling paper/compostable air cushions PaperWave Bio packaging solutions

With our revolutionary new product PaperWave Bio air cushions, Viskom is setting the bar for environmental protection. Made largely from 85% recycled paper, combined with an ultrathin layer of compostable sealant film the PaperWave®-Bio air cushion has achieved superior ecological benefits.

PaperWave BIO air cushions- now your shipping budget can catch a breat!

Our PaperWave BIO materials are highly developed special materials, combining the advantages of paper filling and air cushioning. Air is added to the paper filling, thus reducing material usage by approx. 95-99%. They are designed to produce air-filled cushions with the help of the small and flexible AirBoy Nano, AirWave 1 and AirWave 2 air cushion systems. Air cushions produced are mechanically resilient, durable and easy to dispose.

The film structure consists of a recycled paper layer and a starch blend – sealing layer laminated onto the paper. The ultra-thin sealing layer is made of a strong base of biodegradable and compostable bio film, connected to the recycled paper layer with natural glue.

Floeter PaperWave BIO air cushion films are used to fill individual cavities occurring in packing units or also to protect goods directly against blunt impacts. Consequently, the valuable packaged goods cannot slip or be damages during transport. Viskom air cushion systems for the modern mail-order trade are therefore already setting new standarts with the idea. The usually freight-intensive cushioning material no longer needs to be made kilometres away at the place of use but can be produced on site as required with help ot the AirBoy Nano, AirWave 1 and AirWave 2 air cushion systems.

The world’s first paper AirCushion PaperWave Bio air cushions

With today’s repulping technology, the paper and sealant layer will be separated during the recycling process. This enables the new AirWave PaperWave®-Bio air cushion film to be recycled with the normal wastepaper or the biocompostable waste.


PaperWave®-Bio has a very thin seal layer made of corn starch based Bio-Film, which has been confirmed not to affect the recyclability of the paper. The product bears the RESY mark as well as the sorting-aid-symbol according to DIN 6120. This makes it very easy for the consumer to decide on the correct recycling bin at disposal.
Material is compostable and even degrades in Marine environment when mistakenly ending in water.

The debate about sustainability and ecology is being conducted with more and more passion. There are many good reasons for this, but there is also a hitch: The equation ‘Pro environment = Anti plastic’ doesn’t stand up. Anyone who wants to be honest about their packaging must abandon cherished clichés. The reason for this is shown in a study by the ‘Environment Agency’ that was commissioned by the British government. The result: To achieve the same CO2 footprint as a plastic bag, a material bag would need to be used 131 times. If the PE bag is only used once as a waste bag, it would need to be used 327 times! The footprint for paper is not much better. And modern plastics can do so much more! Thanks to innovative, environmentally-friendly developments, we at FLÖTER are paving the way for ensuring that plastic film can be integrated into the material recycling systems with almost no environmental impact. Step by step, we are realising solutions that make the packaging materials more natural without the customer having to do without the comfort of AirCushion. If a clever system comprising multiple use recycling, proper sorting and disposal is in place after the product is used for the first time, then the road is clear for sustainability that has truly earned this name.

Packing with AirCushion technology is the logical thing to do for everyone who opts for consistent environment protection:

AirWave Standart:

Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 7,1
Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 7,2 Виском
цена на Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 7,3
Воздушная пузырчатка пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 7,4
Производитель Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 7,5
Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель для упаковки Floeter AirWave 8.1
Цена Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 8.3
Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 8.3
Купить Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 8.3
Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 8.4
Воздушная пузырчатая пленка наполнитель Floeter AirWave 8.6

Score with consumers and the environment with bio-degradable air cushion protection

A basic problem in the mail-order industry is packaging waste. The new bio air cushions from VISKOM provide a sustainable solution for this, as it can be used to produce 100% biodegradable packaging materials and packed into shipping parcels. And there’s more: The bio-film is a sustainable packaging which is made from renewable raw materials. Potato starch and maize starch form a strong duo here for the environment and ensure that future generations are not unnecessarily burdened with plastic waste.

Производственное-оборудование-защитних-подушек-для-упаковки-товара- фото
Воздушно пузырчатая пленка, воздушная защитная упаковка
Problem identified – and banished to the compost bin

The new bio-bubble wrap from Viskom can be easily composted in a compost bin and thus disposed of cleanly. End consumers will appreciate this as there is definitely no packaging waste for internet shopping deliveries, which cause rubbish bins to overflow. Online retailers can also score with their customers in terms of environmental awareness. For example, the consumer only has to crumple the packaging and throw the film into the compost bin. Disposal could not be easier or more environmentally friendly.

Renewable raw materials for growing areas of use

Viskom’s sales figures prove it: The trend towards bio transport protection is unstoppable. It is mainly smaller online retailers who differentiate themselves using the bio-film and positively influence the shopping experience for the customer. The “near-natural bio-industry” is no longer the only sector to use bio-film. Medications, animal needs, bags, cosmetics, textiles and many classes of products are increasingly protected and shipped in bio-packaging. In addition, of course, food feels particularly good between the bio-film when shipped. Everything resulting from the idea of Fair Trade is predestined for biodegradable bio-film. But even accrylic nails, bicycle bells or sat-navs arriving are better accepted by the consumer if the packaging material in the parcels is “green”.

Beware of "sham green packaging"

Like everywhere in the bio-sector, there is also a large number of black sheep in the market for bio-films. So the case here is: not everything with Bio on it also has Bio in it. Some providers sell normal HDPE films with Bio labels. By adding certain materials, these only break up due to the air and sun into nano-particles, but still remain in the ecosystem. The film can migrate invisibly into the food chain, which can have unforeseeable consequences. For this reason, in California these products are not allowed to be sold as biodegradable. The EU is currently working on a similar ban. Responsible dispatchers should therefore carefully check what is hidden behind the bio-label.

The only bio-provider even for small purchase quantities

Viskom is the only provider on the market which can supply the 100% biologically degradable Bio Film made from potato and maize starch cheaply, even in small quantities. Even small container amounts are available at low prices. Although these costs are more than for normal bubble wrap, the additional cost per metre of film is not even one cent, which means that the additional costs per parcel are extremely low. In general, the bio air cushion wrapper is always cheaper in perspective. If ever more dispatchers convert and the quantity relationships change, the price spiral will also drop even further in the medium-term. This means: By choosing bio-film, each dispatcher can give a signal in the right direction.

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