Container Lashing Systems

Container Lashing Systems facilitate the fast and effective load securing of goods in containers. The goods are protected against damage and slipping during transport when opening the container doors. Container lashing systems are an appreciated and well recognised solution, due to its ease of use and prevention of personal injury and avoid damage to goods, when receiving and unloading goods.

Container lashing systems are restraint systems pre-assembled for immediate use and thus easy and fast to handle. Container lashing systems consist of two vertical bands with 2400 mm (for ISO-containers) or 2600 mm (for High-Cube containers) length that are fixed with sewed hooks in the eyelets of the container. Attached to these vertical straps are, depending on the requirements of use, two to four tightly sewed or flexible horizontal straps which are connected with special fasteners.

Our container lashings are made of extremely rigid polyester fibres, ensuring best recovery and thus excellent protection of your products.

Container lashing systems are pre-assembled for immediate use as restraint systems that are easy to handle and fast to secure. Mega Fortris Container Lashing systems are suitable for both Standard and High Cude ISO Containers for overseas shipments.


  • The alternative to complex timber constructions
  • Ready-made belt system
  • The fast and inexpensive solution for good cargo securing inside a container
  • Easy to hook the four vertical straps into the existing container attachment points ( eyes )
  • Belt width available as 32mm and 50mm
  • Horizontal belts are movable or at fixed position
  • Available for standard and HQ container
  • Container lashing with 2, 3 or 4 horizontal belts
  • Closure with buckles or fixed ratchets

Container lashing has never been easier than with our container lashing ready made belt system.


It provides very fast and effective load securing inside a container.


The cargo is good protected against damage during transport, and when opening the container doors.


There is no risk or danger of injury for the receiver when unloading the container.

Our prefabricated containment systems for container shipping considerably increase the safety of your shipment and ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination without damage. They can be used for rear cargo securing of e.g. Drums, Big Bags, IBC’s or wooden boxes used in overseas containers (20, 40, 45 feet). Depending on the version, they are fully height adjustable. Just give us a call, we look forward to advise you

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