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We offer you a wide range of different solutions to protect your goods during transportation, whether by road, sea, air or rail.




Innovative packaging solutions

Delivering A Competitive Edge.

Solving our customers’ challenges is what motivates and excites us. What we do best is to apply our expertise and knowledge of the industry to guide new products from conception through to delivery. We are extremely proud of this unique proposition. This in-house experience enables our customers to benefit from dramatic efficiencies and provides increased reliability throughout an incredibly secure supply chain. This presents impressive cost reductions throughout the entire product packaging process, and ultimate simplicity working with just one dedicated point of contact, responsible for the smooth running of your project. We are adept at delivering a truly competitive edge on behalf of our customers.

Leaders in packaging innovation

Viskom is a family business which has been supplying packaging solutions for over two decades. We are available to provide a free consultation on your packing processes and offer advice how you can maximise the efficiency of your pack and dispatch operation, and ensure your customers have a positive experience when unboxing your products. Our customers appreciate our small dynamic team who process their orders, handle their inquiries and provide them with a positive experience because we really care.

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Who we are

We have built a reputation of being a packaging supplier who can maximise the potential of our customers. Our innovative approach to packaging means our consultants are on hand to help with any issues no matter how big or small. Our main priority is to protect your product from damage in storage and in transit, our aim is to protect potential profit through innovative packaging solutions. Below is a video with just one innovation.

фото пример крепления пневмооболочки в контейнере

Providing protective solutions for transit and storage

Упаковка товаров – это не просто классические коробки и скотч, которые пакуются вручную. Сегодня существует множество современных решений для автоматизации упаковочного процесса и не меньшее количество инновационных и экологичных материалов, которые можно использовать для создания упаковки, не приносящей вреда окружающей среде, и при этом – прочно и надёжно защищающей даже самые деликатные товары.

Гарантированная защита вашего товара

Тратите много времени и денег на упаковку своей продукции? Проблемы с упаковкой хрупких предметов? Бой товара во время доставки? Проблема заполнения пустот в коробке? Что бы выйти из этих вечных проблем есть решение и компания Виском поможет тебе решить данную проблему.

Мы решим проблемы с транспортировкой Вашей продукции и защитим ее от боя! Предлагаем вам широкий спектр различных решений для защиты ваших товаров во время транспортировки, будь то автомобильным, морским, воздушным или железнодорожным транспортом.

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