Water activated gummed kraft paper tape, filament tape, kraft re-inforced paper tape for extremely secure box sealing. Strong adhesive packaging.

Gummed tape according to DIN 55475 made from tear-resistant Kraft paper and with water-activated vegetable glue coating for the dust-tight, tamper-proof and environmentally friendly closing of your cardboard packaging. Available in brown and white or with colour print and with or without reinforcement fibres. Available for all package weights and suitable for manual and fully automated processing.

The gummed tapes from Viskom convince as a tamper-proof and sustainable closing solutions for cardboard packaging

We offer a wide range of gummed tapes for the dust-tight, tamper-proof and environmentally-friendly closing of cardboard packaging in every weight class. In addition to unreinforced tapes according to DIN 55475, our current range of products also includes a wide variety of filament-reinforced and fibre-reinforced closing tapes. Our gummed packaging tapes aren’t just available in brown and white, they are also available in single and multicoloured versions, or with individual printing according to your requirements. 

Environmentally-friendly cardboard packaging

All the Viskom gummed tapes are made from tear-resistant Kraft paper and water-activated gummed wet tape. For this reason, they are also known internationally as water-activated tape (WAT) or gummed paper tape. The paper is manufactured from wood which originates from sustainably managed forests in the EU. The water-activated glue that we use on our packaging tapes is a natural product which consists of a coating based on potato starch, the adhesive effect of which is achieved with a simple and sparing application of water. In the case of our reinforced tapes for cardboard packaging, multiple filament reinforcements or fibre reinforcements are either overlaid on the packaging tapes in the form or a variety of layer configurations or integrated in the gummed tapes.

Water activated gummed kraft paper tape
Water activated gummed kraft paper tape
Water activated gummed kraft paper tape viskom
Water activated gummed kraft paper tape buy
Water activated gummed kraft paper tape

Tamper-proof closing of packaging and cartons

With our packaging tape for cartons, packages and packets made from corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard obtain a secure and air-tight closure which makes tampering to the packaging immediately identifiable. This is because after it is activated with water, the adhesive coating on the tear-resistant tapes creates an inseparable material composite with the cardboard packaging. Cardboard packaging which has been closed with gummed tape from Viskom cannot be open or closed again without destroying the surface of the packaging. Our packaging tapes therefore make a valuable contribution to product protection and transport safety.

Паперовий еко крафт скотч

Manual or automatic application of gummed tapes

All of the gummed tapes from Schümann are supplied on ready-to-use rolls that are available in a variety of lengths. The packaging tapes can be applied manually, semi-automatically or with the use of fully automatic closing equipment and packaging lines. The additional strengths of our packaging tapes include their temperature resistance – the tapes are resistant to heat and the cold – as well as their stabilising effect on packaging and cartons made from corrugated and solid cardboard.

Closing product for cardboard, pouches and bags

Find out more about our reinforced gummed tapes, our environmentally friendly packaging tape from our Green Line series, as well as our pouch closing tapes, our bag closing tapes with hot-melt adhesive coating and our security tapes. We will also be pleased to inform you about the topics of transport safety, opening technology and printing.

Клейкая лента из крафт бумаги Neubronner

There isn’t any method of closing and sealing carton boxes and for identify products with greater advantages than  gummed tape/water activated tape, which is our specialty. Years of experience in the paper industry, the renewal and continuous improvement of our methods and our equipment investments  allow us to develop other paper products: paper for wrapping coins, kraft printed paper, recycled paper for packaging paper and others. All our paper products are manufactured with raw material 100% natural coming from sustainable crops.

Why gummed paper tapes?

Seal naturally and securely with water-activated gummed kraft paper tape

In times of globalization, worldwide shipment of goods is growing steadily. This is why it is becoming more and more important to protect packages from theft, from mechanical and climate hazards, and for them to be sealed in a sophisticated manner.

The perfect solution for this lies in sealing using wet adhesive tape. Strips activated when in contact with water cannot be opened without being damaged. The package is “sealed”.

In order to continue to fulfil different requirements, there are many different types of these strips. Starting with adhesive strips made from Kraft paper, wet adhesive strips made from fibre-reinforced multi-layer paper compounds are the strongest form of seal. So as to achieve better counterfeit protection and/or for advertising and marketing purposes, the wet adhesive tape can be printed in up to 4 different colours and with freely selected logos.

Climate hazards such as extreme cooling, extreme heat or high atmospheric humidity not affect the sealing tape. Even a dust-proof seal can be provided, the type of tape made for the food industry and medical technology industry. Packages sealed in this way can be fed to the recycling process without another thought. Separation of residual film, amongst other things, is not necessary.

Whether it is online retail, food logistics or the supplier industry: the gummed tapes from market leader Viskom are the ideal packaging tape for cardboard packaging in every category of weight. They are suitable for manual and fully automated use, and provide a dust-tight closure on cardboard packaging with safety against tampering and unauthorised opening and an exemplary eco-balance. 

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