Water activated tape dispenser Eurotaper

This water activated tape dispenser increases productivity and efficiency by symplifying  the carton sealing process, and decreases risk of repetitive motion injury, material waste and returns. The manual water activated dispenser has a simplified operating process. Water is emptied from a water bottle as needed to wet the brushes. Some models have a heater on top of the brushes also, to keep the water at the right temperature for the tape. As the tape is dispensed, it is fed across the top of the moistened brushed, proven to be the most efficient way to activate the glue.

The gummed tapes from Viskom convince as a tamper-proof and sustainable closing solutions for cardboard packaging

We offer a wide range of gummed tapes for the dust-tight, tamper-proof and environmentally-friendly closing of cardboard packaging in every weight class. In addition to unreinforced tapes according to DIN 55475, our current range of products also includes a wide variety of filament-reinforced and fibre-reinforced closing tapes. Our gummed packaging tapes aren’t just available in brown and white, they are also available in single and multicoloured versions, or with individual printing according to your requirements. 

Environmentally-friendly cardboard packaging

All the Viskom gummed tapes are made from tear-resistant Kraft paper and water-activated gummed wet tape. For this reason, they are also known internationally as water-activated tape (WAT) or gummed paper tape. The paper is manufactured from wood which originates from sustainably managed forests in the EU. The water-activated glue that we use on our packaging tapes is a natural product which consists of a coating based on potato starch, the adhesive effect of which is achieved with a simple and sparing application of water. In the case of our reinforced tapes for cardboard packaging, multiple filament reinforcements or fibre reinforcements are either overlaid on the packaging tapes in the form or a variety of layer configurations or integrated in the gummed tapes.

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