Cushion Pack industrial cardboard shredders, padding machine allow you to recycle your waste cardboard boxes, which helps to protect our environment.

Cushionpack ™ Shredder Packaging Padding Machines is a very economical and sustainable option for filling voids. This will not only clean your warehouse of unnecessary cardboard, you will save money and time by recycling the cardboard yourself.

Imagine being able to recycle 99% of your old used cardboard boxes in the future by making these fillers and packaging materials! You can contact our managers to find out how much a shredder costs and buy a shredder for cardboard.

Space-saving storage of cartons and just-in-time production of package padding reduce storage costs.

CushionPack specialises in the development and production of equipment and machines which produce versatile packaging padding from corrugated cardboard. The company became very well-known for its machines which shred cardboard waste to produce padded or flat padding mats. 

All cushion pack machines are “Made in Germany”

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Give your waste cardboard a second life

Cushion pack shredders

Cushion pack cardboard shredder

Cushion pack corrugated shredder

Industrial cardboard shredder

Ecologically beneficial packaging

CushionPack Shredder Packaging Padding Machines turn small quantities of old cardboard into lots of packaging material within a short time.

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