The AirBoy Nano air cushion machine for the manufacture of packaging air bags (bubble wrap) for filling and preserving the integrity of the goods.

The AirWave Nano machine is the most economical way to create air cushions/air pillows. Air cushions provide effective and economical product protection and void fill during shipment. Create air cushion chains or air cushion mats. A budget choice for lower production environments. Different types of films and cushion types can be produced on our low-cost AirBoy nano3. Therefore you have the best flexibility for your transport protection, even with low throughput.

  • 4 m/min
  • Production of AirWave filler and wrapper films

AirBoy air cushion machine:

  • Start / Stop at the touch of a button
  • Variable timer for the production of air cushions
  • Adjustable sealing temperature
  • Adjustable air volume .
  • Compatible with narrow air cushion filler (type 9.7.1)
  • Compatible with wide air cushion wrapper (type 9.8.3)
  • AirWave Standard and AirWave Bio (home-compostable) cushion film available
  • Including manual, power cable, 2 spare teflon tapes and a spare blade

Innovative protective solutions that take up less storage space and saves money!

When you’re short on storage space, keeping bundles of bubble wrap or bags of polystyrene void fill can be a big problem. After all, most of what you’re storing is actually air. How much more convenient would it be to inflate the air at the time you actually need it? An air cushion system does just that – with the help of a simple machine and some flat polythene film, you can create the protection you need when you need it.

Asides storage and cost saving benefits, air cushion packaging can also improve your customers unboxing experience.

Air cushion AirWave packaging doesn’t just take up less space, it can also save you quite a lot of money – our tests show that if you use ten bags of packing peanuts a month, you could save over £1000 in the first two years by changing the way you do your packing.

Produce air cushions for the safe shipping of your products with AirBoy machine

AirWave air cushion film from Viskom is a space saving alternative to bubble wrap.

Air cushion films, air cushioning machines for transport protection

Integrated air pillow, bubble wrap and packaging solutions


Perfection and simplicity! Now you no longer need to choose between Air Cushions and quilts.
It’s all in one!

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