One air cushion is made of 99% and only 1% film around it

Air cushions are made of 99% air and only one percent recyclable film and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. But even with additional paper pads we provide you with recyclable paper made from renewable raw materials.

What good is the best product if it will be damaged during transport? In order for your products to arrive safely at the customer, the goods must be packed safely and securely. Air cushions are first choice for a variety of reasons. They consist of 99% air and only 1% foil. This protects the environment and the cargo can be securely fixed in the carton with an ” airbag” against shocks. Air cushions can be used individually as one pillow, as longer air cushion fillers (for larger cavities) or as air cushion wrapper (as an intermediate layer or for wrapping). The following pictures and descriptions show how this works.

пузырчатая упаковка купить
купить пленку пузырчатую
  • 100 mm х 210 mm
  • Roll L - 700 m
  • m3 / roll (700м) - 4,2 м3
  • Section / roll - 7.000
  • 150 mm х 210 mm
  • Roll L - 700 m
  • m3 / roll (700м) - 5.4 м3
  • Section / roll - 4,667
  • 200 mm х 210 mm
  • Roll - 700 m
  • m3 / roll (700м) - 7 м3
  • Section / roll - 3,500
  • 130 mm х 300 mm
  • Roll - 600 m
  • m3 / roll (600м) - 6,6 м3
  • Section / roll - 4,615
  • 240 mm х 300 mm
  • Roll - 700 m
  • m3 / roll (600м) - 9.4 м3
  • Section / roll - 2,500
  • 146 mm х 420 mm
  • Roll L - 450 m
  • m3 / roll (450м) - 6,6 м3
  • Section / roll - 3,082 (6,164)
  • 146 mm х 420 mm
  • Roll L - 450 m
  • m3 / roll (450м) - 4,9 м3
  • Section / roll - 3,082 (12,329)
  • 320 mm х 420 mm
  • Roll L - 450 m
  • m3 / roll (450м) - 3 м3
  • Section / roll - 1,406 (22,500)
  • 320 mm х 600 mm
  • Roll L - 300 m
  • m3 / roll (300м) - 3 м3
  • 300 mm х 420 mm
  • Roll L - 450 m
  • m3 / roll (450м) - 2,5 м3
  • 236 mm х 420 mm
  • Roll L - 450 m
  • m3 / roll (450м) - 2,8 м3
  • 100% recyclable by repulping
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • 85% made of regrowing resources
  • 4 m/min
  • Production of AirWave filler and wrapper films
  • 8-10 m/min
  • Production of AirWave filler and wrapper films
  • 22 m/min
  • Production of AirWave filler and wrapper films

Air cushion machines and packaging systems

With our own air cushion machines, the AirWave and AirBoy series  we have for each packaging and shipping challenge the appropriate solution. The reliable AirWave air cushion film is manufactured by us in Germany and is 100% recyclable. The reduction of the storage space for packaging material, very low shipping weight and a high production speed characterizes the air cushioning machines. Our PaperWave paper padding machines are the perfect complement for packaging sharp-edged goods. With Viskom you get the right air cushion film in a variety of materials such as antistatic, biodegradable or special high pressure films suitable for air freight shipping. In addition, we offer complete air cushioning systems and integration solutions for the packing stations in your packing departments.

Производственное-оборудование-защитних-подушек-для-упаковки-товара- фото

Packing with air – that’s environmentally friendly

At Viskom you get high-quality air cushioning machines, air cushion films, paper padding machines and other accessories for transport protection from a single source. Our reliable air cushion machines are designed to work with our AirWave air cushion films, which are available in various cushion types and materials – made in Germany. In addition to the standard AirWave films, we offer thin ECO films, home-compostable bio films, antistatic ESD films or very robust heavy-duty films. We offer a very wide range of air cushion wrap products, so you can find the optimal solution for your packaging requirement.

The latest generation of Viskom  systems are able to produce very thin air cushion films that can be processed directly at the packing station with our air cushioning machines. By using thin recyclable films (as thin as 12μm), you can save many tons of CO2 used in the production of heavy packaging materials such as paper or Styrofoam. Thanks to the consistent reduction of packaging materials used, we have helped our customers achieved a sustainable reduction in the environmental impact. But the protection of the environment begins much earlier at Viskom. During the product development, the environmental idea is a key element for us. With this thinking, we optimize our technologies until we can present products that keep the perfect balance between product protection and environmental compatibility at all times. Minimized energy requirements, reduced film thickness and low noise pollution.

Do you need further advice? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support service team.

Air cushion & packaging solutions

Viskom has been producing integrated air cushion and packaging solutions for mail order companies and industry for more than 20 years. Our logistic experts advise you on site and prepare our solutions according to your individual requirements.

Your advantages: Easy integration into existing processes, cost- and resource-saving films & materials, high parcel throughput and a high degree of automation.

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